Tranquil Space Mist

  • Tranquil Space Mist

Our Space Mists are alchemical creations marrying The Liquid Crystals and pure essential oils to bring about a change in the vibration of your space and your own energy.

They are intended to be used to either clear or infuse the energy of your space or your aura. They are fast and effective, a bit like a smudge stick but in a bottle.

Fluorite: Mental Mastery, Mental Organisation, Order, Trust in One’s Mental Ability, Disciplined and Focused Mind, Heart and Mind as One, Commitment.

Blue Lace Agate: Calm Expression, Connection to Breath, Peace, Responsibility in Speech, Stone of Truth, Voice, Language, Feminine Mental Mastery, Water and Air Elements.

Amethyst: Humility, Meditation, Transformation, Transmutation, Mind Embracing Guidance of Spirit, Self-Awareness, Peace, Life Direction, Connection to Higher Self, Disciplined Mind.

Frankincense: Meditation, Centering of Mind, Purification, Sacred Space, Spiritual Connection, Intuition, Present Moment, Peace.

Coastal Tea Tree: Healing, Purifying, Cleansing, Protection, Clearing Stagnant Energy, Clearing Cluttered Thoughts, Elevating Mood, New Ways of Thinking.