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Space Clearing Mist

  • Space Clearing Mist

Clearing - Purifying - Master Healer - Release Stress - Peace - Optimism - Connection - Protection - Emotionally Uplifting

This Space Clearing Mist is AMAZING, POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

These are made to order, which means they are programmed to YOUR ENERGY

A blend of Liquid Crystals, Hawaiian Essences, and Essential Oil,

Malachite - The principal crystal of clearing, Malachite is a powerful remedy for releasing stress and tension, bringing the seed of disharmony to the surface for healing. A crystal of courage and determination, she casts away self limitation and fearful attachment.

Emerald - A master healer, there is nothing that Emerald cannot heal. She stabilises the mind and opens the emotional body, replacing chaos with patience, peace, and optimism.

Clear Quartz - An amplification stone, Clear Quartz lifts all that it encounters. A potent purifying crystal, it allows direct embodiment of light into the physical body. She reminds us that the physical world can be perfect.

Sea Turtle - Teaches you how to share space with others so that connectedness nourishes rather than depletes you. Increases awareness of and appreciation for your interdependent relationship with nature, helping you move with grace and peace in any environment.

Veil of Light - Envelops you in a cocoon of safety and protection, promoting relaxation in the midst of sensory, electromagnetic, and social stimulation. Frees ultra-sensitives to expand their range of comfort while feeling protected.

Palo Santo - Palo Santo means “Holy Wood”, and has traditionally been used for spiritual purposes. Palo Santo Essential Oil is regarded as emotionally uplifting, helping clear away negative emotions, focusing the mind, and improving concentration.