Protected Space Mist

  • Protected Space Mist

Our Space Mists are alchemical creations marrying The Liquid Crystals and pure essential oils to bring about a change in the vibration of your space and your own energy.

They are intended to be used to either clear or infuse the energy of your space or your aura. They are fast and effective, a bit like a smudge stick but in a bottle.

Black Tourmaline: Protection, Shielding from Negative Energies, Confidence and Trust in Self, Powerful Sense of Security and Personal Power, Base Chakra.

Red Jasper: Nurturing Embrace, Stabilising, Gentle, Grounding, Self-Care, Self-Love, Self-Nurture, Comfort, Recovery, Time for Self.

Moldavite: Starchild, Grounding, Assistance with Children of Light, Feeling at Home on Earth, Recognising Joys of Physical Life on Earth, Gift of Freewill, Activation Energy, Clarity, Growth, Renewal, Gateway Between Worlds.

Buddha Wood: Meditation, Relaxation, Protection, Mindfulness, Peace, Grounding, Present Moment.

Ylang Yang: Mood Booster, Stress Reliever, Uplifting, Soothing, Divine Feminine Energy, Stimulating Senses, Happiness, Love, Magic.