Divine Space Mist

  • Divine Space Mist

Our Space Mists are alchemical creations marrying The Liquid Crystals and pure essential oils to bring about a change in the vibration of your space and your own energy.

They are intended to be used to either clear or infuse the energy of your space or your aura. They are fast and effective, a bit like a smudge stick but in a bottle.

Petrified Wood: Past Life Embrace, Hall of Records, Strengthening, Grounding and Stabilising, Life Simplified, Discovery and Exploration of Past Lives, Lessons Linked to Events, Sense of Freedom, Powerful Spiritual Growth, Messages from Past Lives.

Green Calcite: Letting Go, Freedom, Mental Healing, Connect Mind to Heart, Surrender, Forgiveness, Voice of the Heart, New Pathways without Fear, Release Anger, Compassion to Self and Others.

Peach Calcite: Harmonise, Balance of Unconditional Love and Personal Power, Dissolving of Old Emotional Patterns, Embracing Love, Shedding Light, Uniting All Parts of Self, United Path, Angelic Messengers.

Lime: Mental Clarity, Invigorating, Energising, Courage, Determination, Cutting Through Delusion.

Neroli: Purity, Connection to Spirit, Light, High Frequency, Spiritual Guidance, Trust, Communication with Divine.